Microsoft, bringing SharePoint to virtual reality headsets

Two years ago, Microsoft made some critical repairs and renovations to its Share software in a bid to make it an appropriate competition for Dropbox, Slack, and Box. The company has advanced to incorporating its software originally focused on business to its Mixed Reality headsets. SharePoint is a software mainly used by businesses to organize documents, build intranet sites, and manage content internally.

SharePoint spaces is designed to be an atmosphere where data manipulation and visualization can be submerged which is really what virtual reality apps do in previous times. According to our sources, Microsoft hopes that with the introduction of SharePoint to the virtual reality world, businesses could make use of it to hire new employees, for training courses as well as product development. It seems unimaginable, but the company wants businesses to let new employees sit with a virtual reality headset and learn about the company via a 360-degree orientation procedure.

In the same vein, learning objectives and training could be used in the virtual universe through SharePoint. Training and learning with the use of VR is more achievable since there are instances where VR apps train distant employees and got workers to be acquainted with machinery. This capability could also be employed for product development to display prototypes within SharePoint on Mixed Reality headsets.

Since SharePoint is used broadly by 135 million Office 365 users, incorporating it into the world of virtual reality could reduce the cost of developing experiences for businesses. It still seems a bit of an impossible feat for SharePoint to be used in a broad range in virtual reality, however, this move could be assumed to be just an experiment being conducted Microsoft to check how apps focused on business could be used on Mixed Reality headsets. A special preview version of SharePoint spaces is being opened by the company before it will become accessible to all Office 365 users.


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