Facebook, working with Qualcomm to create high-speed wireless internet

According to the reports we got from our sources, Facebook has now made a deal with Qualcomm that allows Qualcomm provide the tech for its gigabit Wi-Fi project which is intended to promote the sending of data through routers in a more efficient way as well as increase the speed of the internet. The project is called Terragraph, it has been in development since the first time Facebook made an announcement of it in the annual developer conference in 2016. Facebook, while describing the project, said it was a “multi-node wireless system focused on bringing high-speed internet connectivity to dense urban areas.”

New chipsets from Qualcomm will be put into the Terragraph technology so that with any luck, manufacturers will be able to upgrade routers to send data at the 60GHz frequency that will eventually increase broadband connections to higher speeds.

A spokesperson of Qualcomm labelled it as a solution for both rural areas and urban areas as well that have spotty Wi-Fi in specific regions. Our sources report that field tests are scheduled to begin in the middle of next year, however, there is no actual certainty on whether the Terragraph Project will go live. At the moment we have contacted Facebook to give us more information.

We have also received reports that Qualcomm is making a 5G small chipset for manufacturers of phones as well as phone carriers. This announcement was also made by the company when Facebook announced its partnership with the company. In the attempt to develop the 5G chipsets, Qualcomm is at the moment working with “early access” partners. We have no reports on who those partners will be yet, but if we are to work with the partnerships the company has had in the past, there is a high probability that Nokia and Samsung could be part of them. Samples of the chipsets will be made available by next year, this means that the official release of the product will come after that.

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