4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Starting An Online Business In Nigeria

It is possible to make money online even from Nigeria.


In my 5 years online , I have experienced my ups and down and is friends with Nigerians who make real money online.(Not scammers and liars)

A lot of them (myself included) made the mistakes that I am going to list out below. If you can overcome these mistakes ,you can start and grow in whatever online business you choose.

Here they are:

1. Wrong Mindset

Many Nigerians have the wrong mindset about making money online and online business. A few examples are:

  • You can make money without work
  • You can only make money by scamming people
  • Get rich quick mentality
  • Make money without creating any sort of value
  • Making money without making any investment

If you have the wrong mindset , you cannot succeed online. If you do your success will only be short lived.

Purge yourself of all wrong mindsets . My free guide found here discusses it in details.

2. Lack Of Focus

Many people lack focus.(I still struggle with it)

They cannot stick to one thing long enough for it to succeed. You see there are many online business models you can follow, but if you do not focus on one, you will still fail.

For example if you scatter you focus around and pursue Google Adsense , blogging , affiliate marketing and other online business models all at the same time, you will not get far.

Advice :
Pick an online business model you like ,learn all you can about it , pursue it only till you make progress.

3. Wrong focus

If you focus on the wrong things ,you will still not make any progress. For example focusing on how to get a verified PayPal account instead of how to create something of value or solving problems for people ,will not make you money.

Focusing on how to get a verified PayPal account …will not make you money online.

To make money online you need to focus on three things.

People, niches and ,markets,

Products and services

Promotion , traffic

4. Having No Mentors

Have you ever heard this advice…if you want to be successful ,get someone who has already done what you want to do ,then model what the person did…

In other words…get a mentor.

A teacher.

A guide.

So do you have a mentor?

For the online business model that you are following is there someone who has succeeded in it already?

The truth ,getting a mentor may cost you some money.

And the money may not be cheap, but having a mentor is one of the best investment you can make .

Advice :
Get a mentor .

Although we Nigerians have a lot of things militating against us making money online, if you avoid these 4 mistakes ,you move closer to success.

Mk Akan is a blogger and information marketer who blogs at www.NairaCow.com .He has a free e-book course that reveals the mistakes you should avoid if you are just starting new online, click here to get it.

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