Best Collections of Beautiful Windows 7 Christmas Themes

We are presently in the month of December and Christmas is approaching. You can bring the celebrations to your desktop with these beautiful packs of Windows 7 Christmas Themes. Below are a few words about Christmas:

Christmas holiday is always observed during December 25 worldwide and it is to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. The word ‘Christmas’ originated from ‘Christ’s Mass’. During Christmas, some celebatory customs are observed such as; gift-giving, carols, greeting cards, church celebrations, special meals, and the beautiful display of various decorations including Christmas trees, lights, garlands, mistletoe, nativity scenes, and holly. Santa Claus is perhaps the most well known figure attached to the mythology of Christmas and the tradition of giving gifts.

Below are the lists of various Windows 7 Christmas themes to bring the celebrations to your desktop during this Christmas season.

Lists of Windows 7 Christmas Themes

1. Holiday Lights by Microsoft


This theme pack consist 17 high resolution background images.


Download Holiday Lights Theme

2. Twinkle Wish by Microsoft


This theme pack consist 6 high resolution background images.


Download Twinkle Wish Theme

3. Christmas Theme pack by Windows 7 News


This theme pack consist 9 high qualities Christmas wallpapers.


Download Christmas Theme Pack

4. Windows 7 Christmas Theme by ~blackboy993


This theme pack consist 11 high resolution Christmas wallpaper


Download Windows 7 Christmas Theme

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