Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Freelancer on Fiverr

Do you know you can make money working as a freelancer on the internet?

Do you know millions of people around the world are making a consistent six figure working as a freelancer on Fiverr?

The amazing aspect of all is that it does not require much expertise or technical difficulty.


What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an Online Market Place where Freelancers meet the need of buyers who are interested in their services.

The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5.

fiverr 5 dollars

There are Millions of freelancers on Fiverr and you can join them too.

Fiverr help you to connect with Buyers across the Globe without a face to face contact.

You can render your skilled services and get paid doing what you like. Services rendered on Fiverr are referred to as “Gigs”.

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How does Fiverr works?

You register an account as a Seller and you list out your skills and services you can render. Each service on fiverr goes for 5dollars and Fiverr deducts 1dollars, which means for every sale you make, you get 4dollars.

For Instance, “I will teach you how to make money Online for 5dollars”

Fiverr gives you the chance to list up to 20 Gigs “Services you want to get paid for” daily and the more Services you list the more Money you are going to make as Buyers are always attracted to consistent sellers and stable Sellers “freelancers”.

What type of services can you render on Fiverr?

There are many services you can list on fiverr as a buyer, and these include;

  • Programming,
  • Writing Articles and Reports,
  • Voicing,
  • Social Media Experts,
  • Traffic generation,
  • Internet Marketing,
  • Blogging,
  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Graphic Design,
  • Video Editing,
  • Web Design and Web Development,
  • Software Development,
  • Consultant Services,
  • Proofreading Ebooks,
  • Donation,
  • Video Marketing and lots more.

If you don’t have any of the listed above skills fear not, as you can also make money on Fiverr by selling Resale right EBooks and products, get Jobs done by other Freelancers for you and offer them on Fiverr “outsourcing”.

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How to Make More Sales on Fiverr:

The marketing Strategy of Fiverr is almost the same with the real-world Business model. You just have to keep your regular customer coming back to you.

How can you do this? It’s by over-delivering your services a gig says “I will give you 500 facebook likes” when you get an order for this service, you can deliver additional “200 likes” It will make the Buyer to come back to you for more services.

Another trick to making more sales is leveraging Social Media Marketing , Twitter and Facebook as seems to be the most effective in Fiverr Marketing system, You can create 20 different Gigs in a day and tweet about them to your audiences, you can build a USA/UK targeted Twitter followers and send your tweets with hashtag to attract the attention of audience interested in your Service.

You can also post your Fiverr Gig on a Blog, in this case you will have to write a little more of what the GIG’ is all about and the benefits, if the review is properly done it can be a lifetime earning Gig with regular buyers coming In daily.

You can record a Review Video for your Gigs and list them on Youtube, if you are offering a marketing skill, you can display some of your skill in the Video, if you are offering Affiliate Marketing you can show you effective the product is in the Video and Upload them on youtube with Description containing the link for purchase on Fiverr.

Internet Marketing Forums are one of the best places to list your Fiverr Gigs in a non-spammy way a good example of such forum is ‘WarriorForum”, you can do a little search on Google for Internet Marketing Forums and you will see a list of them.

How much can I make on Fiverr?

This is a common question new fiverr sellers do ask, well the money potential of Fiverr is based on the consistency of the Seller, Fiverr can make you 1000dollars, In fact most Nigeria Freelancers are making 5000dollars monthly on Fiverr.

You too can make it, even if you are not willing to make it a full-time income source, fiverr can add more money to your Income Online.

To make more sales on fiverr, you need to list more new Gigs every day and promote your old Gigs.

If you list 20 Gigs daily and you get 5 (orders) sales, 20 x 5 = that is a total of 100dollars in a day! That’s wow!

If you persist with this in 30days that will be a total of $3000 this can be an additional income source for you.

The major challenges that most new freelancers encounter with fiverr is creating multiple Gigs daily and Marketing those Gigs to make tangible sales.

However if you can be consistent with the listing of your Gigs, you can make much with fiverr.

Fiverr is owned and managed by USA based Companies however, they have come to the understanding that we have lots of Nigerians on Fiverr and in respect to this, Withdrawing Fiverr earning in Nigeria has got better than it used to be (Formerly we withdraw Fiverr Earning via Paypal)

But now we have the Fiverr MasterCard that enables you to withdraw your Fiverr earning directly from any MasterCard ATM in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.

fiverr card

The Joy of working as a freelancer is the ability to get your Job done anywhere anytime and get paid but now even the withdrawal aspect is more fun for Nigerians.

Note: Fiverr Marketing is so pretty easy when you are attaining some level of ranking on Fiverr (Just like Website ranking and PR in Google) there is ranking for sellers on Fiverr :

We have

Level 1 Seller,

Level 2 Seller and

Top Rated Seller (which is every fiverr sellers’ desire).

Before you can be issued a Fiverr MasterCard, you must have attained level 1 Seller “which is attainable if you are consistent with your Job Board, listing and delivering your Gigs to your Customers”.

One of the basics but essential Step to making Progress with Fiverr is Proper Marketing and Quick Delivery of Orders, when you get an order from a buyer, you as a new Seller, must deliver your Order timely and most Buyers always prefer sellers that Deliver their Order faster than those who takes 2 -3 days before they Deliver theirs.

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