When You Cannot Turn-Down a Friend Request on Facebook

When you are not so blunt as to reject a friend request you still do not have a pinch of intentions to accept. You meet this person at lunch everyday and one fine morning, he sends you a friend request on Facebook. What do you do? You have exchanged a few conversations with him, he seems like a genuinely nice person but still you don’t know him enough to approve that friend request.


What can be done to help the situation without observed biases? Well, that would have been a difficult question if I had not known the beautiful technique at my disposal. Basically when we receive friend requests, we either reject, or we ignore and the request would be left on their timeline pending, or also an option we nicely accept them.

The point here is when we have no option other than to say “I do” to their requests, then you click “confirm” to add such person to your Facebook, but put the person in your Restricted list.

Putting someone on your restricted simply means that, they will be listed as your friends on Facebook but basically such friendship is truly “restricted”; they would get to see only your photos and posts that are public. So, they are no different from the general public of Facebook users to you, it is just that they get to be listed among your friends.

The procedure to put someone in the Restricted list follows:

*Go to their Facebook profile

*Choose the “Add to Another List” option from the friends drop-down

*and finally, select Restricted.

facebook restricted option

That’s it! They would only see your public stuffs in their Facebook newsfeed.

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