Let Anyone Upload Files to your Dropbox Folder

A class teacher requests her students to send in their homework when the week ends. Your boss demands you to send him a document he urgently needs that week and he is not in town. A media company far off requesting for witnesses to send in photos of the incidence they witnessed.


Of course you wouldn’t doubt that the easiest clue for all these cases to be resolved is sending the items in demand via e-mail. You could receive files from people via e-mail and then use the Save Attachments script to download these files automatically to your computer. One bottleneck involved here is that you can’t receive big files with the option of email. Another is that it takes some efforts to organize stuff which come in via email.

Don’t you think it is with bigger convenience when you could create a public folder on the internet where without hitches, anyone could go and easily upload the files rather than the option of sending them to you in the format of a file attachment. The witnesses could submit to the media company, the students could upload their homework to their teacher.

Let Anyone Upload Files to your Dropbox

This is typically why Dropbox Requests exists. The request service offers anyone be it your work colleagues or client the opportunity of upload directly designated files to a selected folder in your Dropbox account. This they could do quickly and without stress.

There is no need for them to possess a Dropbox account; you will just get instant email notification immediately new files enter your Dropbox. You could even accept files with such amazing capacity as 2GB as long as there is sufficient space in your Dropbox account.

You wouldn’t see something of this feature in Google Drive but then there is the enablement to build a form getting anyone to upload files to your Drive aided by Google Scripts.

The link to your Dropbox Request is “unlisted”. This means that once a person gets your URL, they gain access to your file upload form. In addition to this, when one uploads files, the uploader would be required to write add their name in writing as well as email address in the upload form; but they don’t pass through the verification process hence uploading would still occur should they enter fake information.


Dropbox maintains the privacy of the uploader as their other details are not shared with the folder owner despite recording the IP address in their own database. This way Dropbox Request may not absolutely be the perfect remedy if you operate a Wikileaks like website where you choose not to let people leave digital trails.

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