Facebook Introduces Live Streaming for Celebrities

There is the excitement in the air as we introduce a new medium for you to communicate with your special public figures: this is through live video.

Connect with Public Figures

It is commencing now, and public figures could share video relatively easier with an app for musicians, athletes, politicians as well as other influencers to share words with their fans and each other. This would be done through Facebook Mentions.

Grow and engage your fan base.

If doesn’t really matter if you don’t have an already established fan base as you want to assemble an audience; Live presents the perfect opportunity to interact authentically with your fans in the moment. When you begin a Live video, it appears on the News Feed so your fans could comment, share it with their friends; liking it if they choose to. Persons you have communicated with of recent would get notified when you begin your broadcast.

You would now have the opportunity to like, comment on or share the video when you are watching a live broadcast. You wouldn’t be alone in this as you could see your other public figures as well as your friends start watching.

Live is an original and engrossing way to interact with the public figure you share emotions for, in real-time. For the occasion of you missing on the live broadcast, you could also watch the video consequently on the public figure’s Page.

Starting a live broadcast from Facebook Mentions is simple:

  1. Click on Post proceeding to tap on the Live Video button.
  2. Provide a description for your broadcast and select the Go Live button when everything is set and you are ready to go.
  3. As the broadcast goes on, you can have a look at how many viewers you have who could respond to comments live. You can switch the front and back cameras of your phone or even hide comments.
  4. You could finish your broadcast when you are through by clicking on the Stop button.
  5. Then your video is saved to your Facebook Page automatically for your fans to enjoy later. However, just like any post, you can remove it at any time.

Watch out keenly for live broadcasts from Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Ricardo Kaka. Serena Williams, Luke Bryan, Ashley Tisdale, Martha Stewart, Lester Holt, Michael Buble and even lots more!

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