Instagram rolls out feature that allows users share posts directly to their stories

There used to be a line between posts on Instagram and stories. However, as the days go by, this line is getting thinner. Currently, there is a new feature which gives users the liberty to share posts equally from their account and from public accounts that they follow right to their story as a sticker.

The initiative behind this latest development is that Instagram foresees the feature will be utilized for the purpose of promoting friends as well as brands that users fancy on their own story, in this wise, create an easy medium to share, or mention a brand’s tour announcement with people they follow. This way, makes for an easy method of promoting a brand rather than saving or making screenshots of the image seeing as users would invariably do so. Any post that any user shares to their story will have within it the username of the person who posted it originally, as well as the link that will refer you to the original post.

Users will then have the ability to share stories just by clicking on the paper airplane that is above a post in their feed which they would ordinarily use to share a post via Instagram Direct. As a result of this new feature, there is an additional option to create a story as an alternative. Posts share items to stories as stickers. It is then up to the user to rearrange them, resize them, and place them on customizable backgrounds before having them posted.

The only kind of posts that can be shared to stories are those from accounts that public. Also, there is an available option for users to disable others from sharing their posts.

The launch date of this new feature that allows users to share stories was yesterday, the 17th of May, 2018. It is expected that by next week, the update should also be reaching iOS.

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