Google, working on AR headset with new Qualcomm chips

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Google is experimenting on an augmented reality (AR) headset equipped to work on its own and is powered by new chips designed by Qualcomm. Our sources also report that the headset will be built by Quanta, a computer maker based in Taiwan. Documentations on the task reveal that the endeavor is still in its early phase of development.

The augmented reality headset is said to hypothetically look like the Microsoft HoloLens – this is a headset that rolled out in the year 2016 and was aimed at design, training, and industrial utilization. Google’s augmented reality headset which is at the moment in development will be a standalone headset and powered by a Qualcomm chip instead of being hitched to an external device, according to the reports from our sources. More so, the headset will carry cameras and microphones. At present, the AR device is being called “Google A65.” No launch date has been announced for the augmented reality headset at of yet since it is still in its beta phase.

The headset will not only function like a HoloLens, it will also make use of the same chips. Rumours have it that the HoloLens is to be receiving an update this year and it is to be powered by a new ARM design and also to come with a new and upgraded ground view. Furthermore, our sources report that the chips designed by Qualcomm used to power the new Microsoft HoloLens as well as the new Google AR headset are the Qualcomm QSC603 four-core chips and they are based on ARM design.

In the meantime, Google produces an augmented reality (AR) headset which it calls Google Glass. It was launched in the year 2013 and after having faced some criticism, it got a new innovative version in 2017. The Google Glass on its part is essentially a smart heads-up display with a camera, the Microsoft HoloLens makes provision for something called “mixed reality” which makes objects seems as if they are part of the world rather than just being coated over it.

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