New Samsung ad is about chastising Apple’s iPhone throttling

Months have passed since the headlines of the polemic angered customers and Samsung is now going about making Apple look bad for limiting iPhones. A certain advertisement depicts a user of iPhone who for the reason of limitations makes a switch of the iPhone to the latest device of the Galaxy series which in this case is the S9.

This commercial hits heavily on the decision Apple made to limit the functioning of iPhones that contain more former batteries. From the ad, the iPhone user gets frustrated as she attempts to pull her boarding pass in the Wallet app and this takes too much of time as she gets to wait in front of the TSA agent to do so. The app takes more time to load her entertainment benefits in the course of the flight.

The issues arising from this limited performance forces her to stop at a local Apple Store for assistance. The shop operative informs her that the performance management option can be disabled but this is at the expense of her battery power.

The downside to this ad however is the fact that the supposed Apple operative did to mention the battery replacement provision made by Apple. If this customer had paid a measly $29 at the store she could have gotten a new battery and her troubles would have ended just like that, but, the ad wraps up with the individual purchasing the most recent model of a Samsung phone and basking in deep contentment after having switched the iPhone.

A lot of the previous ads created by Samsung to castigate Apple have been awesome. The recent one with Note was better because it gave a reasonable narrative of Samsung being advanced than Apple in design across a few sets of phones. Mostly, these direct belligerent ads have made a major impact in the success of Samsung’s mobile phones. However, there are some that believe that this latest ad was tardy and a bit trifling. Others pointed out that it lacked originality.

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