InnJoo Fire Hands-On Review : Budget-Friendly, Sleek Design

If you are looking for a budget-friendly smartphone, the new Innjoo Fire is a great option. Innjoo has been known here in Nigeria as one of the few smartphone companies that offer big features at a relatively tiny entry-level.


The Innjoo Fire comes with 5 inch IPS display with the brightness auto-adjusting – mouthwatering and appealing. The display is so superb that I wouldn’t advise you to lay your eyes on it if you are saving some money for some very urgent purposes, as you may end up spending the money, the display is so eye-catching.

Design-wise, Innjoo Fire has a very alluring design as the back cover is removable. This is quite different from the Innjoo One that is Unibody. The design on Innjoo Fire is a functioning of plastic. It comes along with slightly curved corners. When it comes to how handy the Innjoo fire feels, the body is a quite slim as it wouldn’t need the biggest muscles to carry around. The pocket could be its ideal home as it fits it well.

The back cover is special designed with four textured colors – Classic Black, Elegant White, Luxury Gold and Natural Bamboo Yellow, which adopts the superior material of Ply Carbonate, it could protect your smart device thoughtfully.

When I got my hands on it, the cute arrangement of buttons and charging point made me lose my balance crashing into heavy admiration of the device. If I was Indian, the Innjoo Fire is the perfect dowry to get my hands in marriage. Innjoo had made them separately on different sides of the body. The power buttons and volume are separately put on the right and Left side of the body (respectively), so that with just one hand, you wouldn’t need a handkerchief when taking screenshots- no sweats. The position of the charging point is at the bottom while at the top is lovely the earpiece jack.


When you get your hands on it, you will see that the sim slots are located inside the phone, this has the implication that for anytime you wish to swap sims, you will first switch off. You will also see that both Sim 1 and Sim 2 are only compatible for Micro SIM Size. That means you will have to cut your Sim so that it could fit in. But this is no big deal considering the stress the use of Innjoo Fire is going to cut from you.

The smart phone comes with a 16 GB ROM (expandable to 32 GB) and 2 GB ram to make the experience kept in the GRA (Government Reserved Area) of your memory.

Now going back to the hands on review proper the first day I did much of light day testing :). I only picked my calls, took a lot of admirable pictures and pretty soaked myself in WhatsApp. I became emotionally fit as I used the phone shedding much pounds of worry due to the pleasurable functionality, the device lasted for the day with just a few bar removed.

On the second day, I showed the phone the true stuff I was made of, by subscribing on the Sim Card I inserted on it and then used it heavily. I also transferred some apps, music and videos on it via Flash Share and then installed them. The phone was on 3G network (constant), played my favorite musics and listen to them through the earpiece that came with the device for 3 hours, watch some music videos for 2 hours and played games for unrecorded hours. The device lasted for 8hours after which it warned me to plug in my charger.

That makes it on the battery level (removable 2,500mAh polymer battery), an acceptable performance. Good of you Innjoo.

Okay, I will talk about the camera now. While I was taking pictures with it, I realized how much I loved it. The device would tempt ghosts into taking selfies. Surely if you are addicted to taking selfies, then with this device expect your jail term in selfie addiction to be much longer as you’ll love taking selfies more because the phone comes with a 5MP mega pixel back/front Camera, if you don’t like this, you will soon tell us you saw the Pope in a Surulere nightclub the last night. It is almost impossible not to like it.

No amount of discipline could hold me back from taking selfies with the phone, and from the look of things, the images was really cool. Would you mind seeing the selfies? No, nuns read this blog and I wouldn’t want them appreciating handsomeness and marriage again.

I think I find the price very okay. You could get the phone for about 17,700 on JUMIA (Click Here to Buy). Can you beat that?

Now that is much of what I felt, let me move over to the specification. Wow! I already created a post as regards that earlier. To avoid repetition, Kindly – Check Innjoo Fire Full Specifications Here.

InnJoo packed what you’re seeing below inside the ‘Box'(1st image above). Meaning this is what you will also get after purchasing your InnJoo Fire.



I think this is absolutely lovely. Truly, InnJoo team are born with internet DNA (Dream Needs Action). What do you think?

Courtesy: Innjoo (they provided the review copy).

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