Hurray: Twitter now allows you retweet or quote tweet yourself

Twitter actually rolled in an update I personally find interesting. Now, there are many a time when I would have loved to retweet myself or even possibly quote my own tweet. Guess back then Twitter thought me too selfish or self-centered; but then was it really bad loving myself?

Now, Twitter obviously sees reason with me. It has opened its arm in a loving embrace to that bandwagon of us who would love repeating things we possibly tweeted some time past. So officially, it is possible to retweet or even quote tweet your very indigenous tweets.

This functionality has been formally enabled by the social network even retweeting itself which is adequately fitting for the purpose.

Some time ago, we were only allowed the luxury of retweeting as well as quoting those of others at any interval you crash into something of interest which you would want your followers to equally have a bite of. At this moment, all that is history.

Now you are allowed the fun of boring your followers by retweeting one particular countless number of times. There is no place for the inconvenience of copying and pasting the content of your old tweets to to realize your purpose.

I really find this interesting, after all if we wash clothes to wear them again, why we can’t repeat our tweets?

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