LG launches new TV that repels mosquitoes

allowing you to sit in front of the TV forever

Technology has changed the world, no doubt. From the labs, man has made rainbows solemnly indicating that the floods of ignorance and crudeness that ravaged mankind during the Stone Age would never besiege us again. The human brain is busiest the intellectual nozzle globally; with it pumping inventions such that it really becomes unlikely that we really miss the garden of Eden.

LG launches new TV that repels mosquitoes

And now LG had launched a new TV. According to LG, this TV rids your room of mosquitoes making it a kind of a mosquito-free zone. This “mosquito away” technology is not some kind of Raid technology that makes use of a bug spray. This technology rather makes use of sound waves which particularly are not conducive to mosquitoes. Just sneak an envious look at the pic above the family is plastered elegantly with smiles as they don’t really fear a single mosquito bite among all of them.

To us here in Nigeria where Mosquitos are as prevalent as potholes on our roads, I feel it is not bad news. Think about it, if the only place in your house that you are not forced to the company of mosquitois in front of your TV, then should we ever take a break from the ever stop watching TV? The bug-free viewing experience begin as at $400 for 31-inch display.

LG has also applied this very technology in washing machines as well as air conditioners and .Don’t forget that very mosquitoes transmit dengue, yellow fever, Zika, West Nile, and malaria. So it is actually best to lay your hands on.

I must commend LG for this feat, and I hope governments distribute this TV soonest in place of Mosquitos nets.

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