Facebook now has a fresh hidden game in Messenger (clue: apply the soccer emoji)

Zuckerberg is a fun loving guy, guess he is no geek with fingers stuck to a keyboard all day trying to code a David Oyedepo out of Obasanjo. Nope, he gets around and he even knows it is Euro 2016.

Hence Facebook has added a soccer or football emoji. This is in similar fashion to the little easter egg that enables you to send a basketball emoji as well as begin a mini-game right inside Messenger. So now we have one for our dear football.

To begin, you could intend to still apply those very instructions as the Messenger Basketball game. Thus you can send the soccer emoji to possibly a friend and then tap it to begin enjoying the game.

Rather than shooting it into a goal, you could want to maintain the aerial position of the ball keeping it up in the air when you keep tapping. So after you have amassed 10 points, the level gets more difficult with some grains of distractions creeping in. Truth is the game is actually harder than you would think.

The update is being rolled out at the moment, so it is possible you might not see it immediately. But not to worry, just patiently be on the look out for the the new app version in your App or Play Stores to jump onboard. Have fun!

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