Can you believe: Three guilty lions sentenced to life behind bars

It was usually said lions were the king of animals. But today, man has been plotted a scientific coup d’etat and the lion has been forced out of office.Man is now the king of animals with man’s jurisdiction encroaching vastly into all creation. At present, nothing is above the law, no beast, not even the lion.

Can you believe: Three guilty lions sentenced to life behind bars

Hence forest authorities have sentenced three wild lions to life behind bars in India. The three lions were indicted for eating a 14-year-old boy whom they had apprehended sleeping outside near a lion sanctuary in the Gir National Forest, which is found in the Gujarat state in India. The implication now is every of the three lions will spend the remaining of their lives in prison- in cages.

So when the forest authorities had come to knowledge of the death of the boy, they rounded up 17 lions which were suspects for the crime. Upon examination, bits of hair were seen in the defecations of three of the lions. Therefore this was enough identification for the criminal lions among which was one male lion who had spearheaded and led the attack. Its accomplices two — both of which were female — had devoured the remnants. body. Forest officials say the remaining 14 lions have been acquitted, as such they would be freed in the soonest time.

So following this, the three guilty cats were slapped with life imprisonment sentence as the male lion will spend the rest of its life in an enclosure at the Junagadh Zoo still in India, and then the two females will confined to a rescue center.

Now my question is where the lions sentenced to life in prison with hard labour?

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