Facebook Messenger for Android gets more handsome: now supports SMS

It is wonderfully pretty that your usual Facebook Messenger for Android has been coloured with one extra sparkling feature – support for SMS. In face of this, it will be now be possible to receive as well as send SMS text messages from the app; all you need do first is set it up to function as your default SMS app. Now there is no big inconvenience to this, the moment you turn the feature on, your Facebook Messenger communications will not change from blue, and then SMS messages will have the colour of purple.

Facebook Messenger for Android gets more handsome: now supports SMS

The point is not hard to find; as it is for you make use of one less app, at least this is possibly how Facebook sees it. Now in the situation where you move your SMS use into Messenger, then there would no longer be any need for making use of another app as regards SMS communication.

SMS in Messenger is well compatible with text, images, video, audio, even your emojis, as well as stickers. Also worth noting is that there would be no upload of your SMS conversations to Facebook servers; this is the same for every message sent via means of the basic SMS/MMS channels from your carrier.

Now as to the procedure of setting things up, go to Settings (the person icon) in Facebook Messenger, simply tap on SMS in the list. If you have done this, kindly turn on “Default SMS App”. No more, all is done now!

It is possible the rollout of this feature might exhaust a spoonful of time before it gets to all Facebook Messenger users on Android. At this point it is not really certain if the need would arise as to a specific app version to enjoy this feature. But all the same, I feel it is a way forward.

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