Goodnews or badnews? There will be no rifle emoji as Apple isn’t allowing it on iOS

…Apple has also removed it as a candidate

Apple has recorded success in expelling the rifle emoji from the standard collection of icons. According to Apple, it is not supporting this very emoji on iOS as it is in favour of the push for it to be rusticated from the list of 2016 candidates.

Goodnews or badnews? There will be no rifle emoji as Apple isn't allowing it on iOS

The idea of removing the rifle emoji has been brimming since May 2015 at the quarterly Unicode gathering, which helps initiates a communion of representatives from tech companies like Apple, Google Microsoft to possibly revise the removal of emojis and possible introduction of new ones. The move to take off the rifle emoji was pretty unique for the fact that a good number of accepted emojis squeeze themselves into finished Unicode releases absent any big hassle.

According to reports, the debate was not really a big hot one as the existing handgun emoji reduced the pressing need to bring another second firearm. The rifle at first was brought on board as part of a set of Olympics-themed emojis, among that set of emojis were medal emojis and a number of other depictions of other Olympic sports. (Shooting sports have been added to the Summer Olympics since 1896 when the games began.) Unicode members also carried out a unified vote of rejection of a pentathlon emoji showing a man firing a pistol.

Microsoft reportedly shares the convictions of Apple as regards featuring the rifle, and has equally pushed for its removal.

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