How to Start the Importation and Selling of Memory Cards In Nigeria

Importation of memory cards is a good business any Nigeria can engage in but many people don’t know about it. Since memory cards are light and small, shipping them can’t be a problem. In Nigeria, memory cards are expensive and the original ones are not easily come by.

 To shed more light to this business, an 8gb memory card sells for N4,000 in Nigeria and this same memory card can be gotten from Amazon for a price of $5. Can you see the profit margin for yourself? Selling of memory cards can make a 100% or more profit back in return.


Before you venture into this type of business, you need to know the types of memory cards. Below are the types of memory cards:
 – CompactFlash memory cards
– Digital/MicroSD High Capacity)
– Memory Stick Micro M2
– Memory Stick Pro Duo
– Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo
– Memory Stick Duo (for games)
– MiniSD memory cards
– SD memory cards(Secure Digital)
– MicroSD/MicroSDHC memory cards(Micro Secure
– SDHC memory cards(Secure Digital High Capacity)
– SDXC Memory cards(Secure Digital eXtended Capacity)

Now, you have known the types of memory cards, and then you must be wondering on the devices that uses memory cards. Presently there are many devices that uses memory cards, they are:

Mobile Phones: Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson, China Phone popularly known as Chinko and many other mobile phones that is not listed here.
Cameras: Photo cams, Camcorders, Video cams and etc. Video Games: PSPs, Play Station and etc.
Electronic Gadgets: Television, Video cd Players, Car tapes and etc
Though the list of devices that uses memory cards are endless.

Another important thing to note in this business is that since they are light and small, the cost of shipping via air cargo (DHL or UPS) will be low. You will also have the opportunity of buy memory cards that has reputations like Sandisk, Kingston and etc. since they are not common in the market.

Now the next question that should be wandering in your heart is that where can you get the memory cards to ship to Nigeria online? You can get this from USA stores online but the most popular and trusted USA store online is Amazon and I would recommend them.

How to Buy From Amazon?

If you are a regular reader on this blog you must have read an article in the past that talked on How To Buy From & Get It Shipped To Nigeria. Below are some basic layouts:
1. Sign up for an Amazon shopper’s account
2. Get a Master/ Visa Credit card to make payment online
3. Good internet connection
4. Get a US shipping address
5. Make purchase and ship to your personalize US address
6. Re-ship from your US address to your Nigeria Address.

You can read a detailed post on how to buy from Amazon and get it shipped to Nigeria here.

You can Easily Buy Memory Cards Online From Amazon Here

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