How To Root Nokia X , X+, XL and Install Google Play Store Service

Owns a Nokia X/X+ / XL device and wish to root it? If yes, this post contains the procedures to gain root access on Nokia X, X+ and XL devices and install applications from Google Play store.

Source: Omega Android

Source: Omega Android

All the credit goes to Kashamalaga of XDA who provided the guide on how to successfully root Nokia X and turn it to a real ‘Android Mobile’.

Disclaimer: JustNaira is not responsible for any damages or errors which may occur on your Nokia X smartphones. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your device. Do this at your own risk.

Steps to Root Nokia X, X+ and XL

  1. You need Gandalf Exploit included in Framaroot app. That can be downloaded from here.

  2. You also need a Root explorer application to confirm the root status of your device. You can also download that from here.

  3. Download and extract all apks from “” to /system/app and change permissions for this files as shown in the shot below.

  4. Now, re-boot your device.

  5. Download these Google Apps .apk files. Extract the zip folder and install the apps which you want to use on your Nokia X/X+/ XL device.

  6. Finally, try to launch Play Store, its will ask for a Google Account.

Congratulations, your Nokia X smartphone can now access both Nokia app store and Google Play Store to get all Android goodies.

Users having issues with the installation may send their feedback to the XDA developer original thread.

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