7 Organic Ways to Increase Facebook’s “Talking about This” Metric

Facebook introduced the ‘Talking About This’ feature in 2011. This metric can be located next to the “Likes” feature, it allows managers of Facebook pages to track the actual number of people who are ‘engaged’ and interacting with their Facebook Pages. . ‘Talking About This’ metric includes activities such as comments, likes to a post, shares, etc. by fans and visitors to the page.


The ‘Talking About This’ metric tells more about your Facebook page than a ‘Like’ does. In this post, I want to share some tested and working organic means to boost your Facebook page ‘Talking About This’ metric.

  1. Get more likes – the more likes you are able to garner, the better your chance of increasing the number of people talking about your page. So aim at accumulating more likes for your Facebook page.

  2. Get more comments – share valuable updates that require your Fans to comment on your blog.

  3. Call to Action – when posting updates, always try to include a line to require fans do something. Stuffs like ‘Like and share if you agree’ will do the magic.

  4. Encourage Sharing of Your Updates – shares are the best way to make your posts go viral. When fans share your posts, their friends will also see it. A call to action can also work quite well.

  5. Reply your fans comments – replying fans comments increase the level of engagement between you and your fans. This plays a direct role in the “Talking about This” metric

  6. Create Events – Having your fans RSVP to an event can also increase your ‘Talking About This’ metric. However, it also positively affects your Facebook presence as well, since their anticipation of your event will likely also show in Facebook posts.

  7. Ask Question – Asking and answering questions is an excellent game plan for increasing the number of “stories” generated from your posts.

The seven points listed above are just some of the many ways to increase your Facebook ‘Talking About This’ metric. If you know of any other method(s), don’t hesitate to use the comments section to share.

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