Easiest Means to Block Websites on Android

Whether you want you child to stay away from social networks or stop others from accessing some websites on your Android smartphone, a customs host file can come in handy.


To block some certain websites on your Android device, you need an application called Hosts Editor.

What is Hosts Editor?

Hosts Editor is a way to add, remove or comment out entries in the hosts file. The hosts file allows the user to override an IP address of a specific url.

Since the Hosts Editor edit the hosts file, root permission is required.

How to Block Websites with Hosts Editor

  1. Go to Google Play Store to download and install Host Editor on your Android device

  2. After successful installation, start the application and select ‘New Entry’ from menu

  3. Type in the IP address box

  4. In the Host Entries, input the web address you wish to block (e.g. sito.com) and then click ‘Save New Host’ to save the file.

Note: You can block as many website as you want by following 1-4 above. If you use for the first site, the IP address for the second site will become, the third one and so on. Meaning that you would have to increase the last number of the IP address for subsequent entries.


To unblock sites, simply mark the sites name, press ‘Menu’ and then select ‘Delete’.

That’s all.

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