How to Remove Blogger NavBar Completely

Navigation bar (usually called Navbar) is one of the inbuilt craps that comes with every blogger template created by blogger team. Navbar can be a useful thing to some bloggers and as well not useful to others. So if you don’t like blogspot Navbar, you can easily remove it by adding a code to your template. Below are simple explanations on how to get it off and how to get it back.


Steps to remove Blogger (Blogspot) Navigation Bar

1.    Go to Blogger Dashboard => Template tab => Edit HTML
2.    Search for following tag in your template.

<body expr:class='&quot;loading&quot; + data:blog.mobileClass'>
Make use of ctrl +F to locate it easily.
3.    Now add <!--<body>--> above the tag in step 2
4.     Save your  template and you will see a confirmation about deleting the Navbar widget, click on Delete Widget button to confirm deletion.

If you follow the steps carefully, by now the Navbar must have been completely removed from your blog.

How to get back the Blogger Navigation Bar

If you want to reinstate the Navbar back on your template, you will have to delete the code you add to your template in step 3 above and save your template.

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