How to Make Your iPhone Water Proof

Is it even possible? Some of you are literally thinking we are talking about getting phone cases to make this possible but no! And we aren’t talking about using paper (nylon) bags to tie up your iPhone either! There are actually amazing ways to waterproof your phone.Remember that time your phone fell into the toilet? The bathtub? water spilled on it? Or coffee from the office ruined your telecom device? You don’t have to worry about all that anymore more!, Africa’s No. 1 Online Hotel Booking Portal discovered alternatives to covering phones with bulky, ugly cases that make using our phones unbearable. The point of having the iphone is for the aesthetics right? It is beautiful in all its glory… so why cover it up?


There are several ways to achieve a full water resistant iPhone (and Samsung and blackberry), and they all involve hydrophobic coating. Hydrophobic treatment is merely the separation of water and non-polar substances. In simple terms, it makes your phone surfaces dread and repel water. So, even when water is poured on them, the technology makes water bead off by causing liquids to form spheres or droplets. The best part is, you can do it on your own if you wanted to.There are three ways you can get the hydrophobic treatment or nano-coating technology. Two out of the three ways are DIY application products, and the other isn’t.


This UK based company has created this new, affordable product that is designed to protect your sensitive electronic equipment. It designed the first DIY military-spec coating specifically for mobile phones. They offer two products called Flash Flood (which offers waterproof protection) and Liquid Sapphire (which offers scratch resistant and waterproof protection). These products can last for a year before reapplication is required. These products leave no side effects like mist or cloudy screens. Apply these products by simply rubbing them entirely on all areas of the phone and allow curing for about 24hrs.


This substance works on all smartphones and tablets. Once this liquid is applied externally, the device becomes resistant to spills and scratches. If treated internally, the manufacturers say you can submerse the phone in water or pools by 1m for up to 30mins. Impervious comes with a toolkit and it is a semi-permanent solution that lasts for about 3 years.


This technology binds all internal and external components of a mobile device on the molecular level and is 1000 times thinner than the human hair. This means that it does not affect the look and feel of your device. It is expensive, and it is a rigorous process that will require you sending your device to the company, that will then place your iphone in a Liquipel Machine. It could be days or weeks before you get your phone back.

All the three ways mentioned above are exciting, and mostly affordable. Come on! Let’s all go get our iPhones waterproof!

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