How to Backup or Restore Blogger Template

It is highly important for every blogger to backup their blog template whenever they about to make any changes on their templates because you are not sure if the changes will crash or corrupt your blog template. In case you encounter any problem in the process of editing your template, you will be able to easily revert it back to the previous one without any ado.


Blogger has made it very simple to back up and restore your blog template; this article will explain how it can be done easily.

How You Can Easily Backup/Restore Your Blogger Template

==> Log in to your Blogger Dashboard, select Template and then click on Backup/Restore button on the top right corner [as shown in the image below]


==> A box will appear with the options to Download Full Template i.e. to download your blog template on your machine and Browse to restore the templates downloaded earlier. [as shown in the image below]


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