How do I expand my phone’s storage: A Wireless USB Stick that Expands your Mobile Phone’s Storage

No big deal if your phone happens to be running out of storage space? Here Justnaira presents the wonder of a wireless USB stick which has the ability to add extra storage to your Android and iPhone absent the need of any wire. Sounds complicated, no it is not– neither is the set up.

Introducing the wireless USB stick

Introducing the wireless USB stick

What do you resort to in the incidence of your mobile phone having limited storage and there is not the luxury of an external SD card? What will you do to create adequate space to carry all your videos and documents where there’s not just a spoonful of space left on the device? I will not forget that there is the also the option of cloud-based services in the likes of Dropbox as well as Google Drive; when you have them on board, you virtually have unlimited storage to your phone but then the disadvantage here is you are required to be connected to the internet to access your files.

In this little piece, I will be presenting to our lovely audience, a wireless USB stick from Sandisk; with which you will be able to add storage to your phones and tablets which does well to resemble your normal USB drive. To begin with, you will plug the USB device into your laptop or desktop computer and leave it charge for say a span of two hours or even one. You also have the option of transferring the files to the stick from the computer via the means of Windows Explorer or Finder on Mac.

After the device has been charged adequately as earlier instructed, you will now tap the little power button on the stick to turn it on. Now move on to install the Sandisk Connect app on your mobile phone,from there move on to WiFi settings on your phone and then connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot created by the USB stick. Could it be more complicated than that? No!

Your mobile phone will now be able to access the content of the USB drive. If you choose, you would stream audio and video files stored on the stick, open PDF files and other documents in associated mobile apps, you can browse photos, and you can with sound convenience transfer files between the wireless drive and your phone. It entails basically the same process of plugging a USB stick into your mobile phone but this time with no need for the wires.

By default, the Wi-Fi network has no security but this doesn’t mean you do not have an option to up your privacy with a password so as to avoid the Santa Claus accident of other nearby devices from connecting to the USB stick.

In deviation from the experience of using cloud storage, Sandisk’s Connect USB stick will not demand internet connection (rather it will create a hotspot which you could connect your mobile device to) and another sensation about this multiple device is that you can connect it to the same USB drive over Wi-Fi. So in the circumstance where you are carrying an iPad and an Android phone, there is no limitation that only the two devices can connect to the stick simultaneously and in addition to this, it could also fill in the role of a temporary medium so as to enable the transfer files between the iOS and Android device.

The USB stick itself boasts a solid built coming in a transparent protective casing though it is truly comes at a greater cost of being heavier looking even bigger than your conventional USB sticks. I wouldn’t say here that the Sandisk mobile app doesn’t have its deficiency here but then none is as guilty as making it a bad deal. I must admit here that in my testing, the iPad app crashed at times most particularly when I read big PDF files. The Android app would not give me the opportunity to browse the web to make use of cellular connection while the phone was connected to USB drive over Wifi.

Sandisk Connect (Amazon, Flipkart) is appropriate for both Android and iOS devices and is available in various capacities from 16GB to 128GB. Should you be running out of storage space on your mobile phone and upgrading is not a comfortable card on the table, the Connect stick is I say the most convenient way to go about expanding your phone’s existing storage.

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