Facebook’s Live Photos feature now available for select users on iOS 9

Facebook has just began rolling out its Live Photos feature to select users who are running iOS 9 on their device, some others will have no other option but to wait until early 2016. The company is apparently offering beta access to a handpicked group of Facebook users for the purpose of sourcing feedback and complaints, which contributes its own informative share in the improved tweaking of the app so as to possibly maximize user experience.

Facebook's Live Photo

Facebook’s Live Photo

The Live Photos feature has a similar operation to uploading any still image on your Facebook account or generally any other social network. It will be required of users to make their choice between a still image and a Live Photo, at any instance they try to post an image on Facebook. You could also get this feature on Tumblr, which was got its introduction just a few days ago.

Facebook’s Live Photos

Going by reports so far, Live Photos will span across all the moments captured after and before the button is pressed. To say this in another way, it is kind of a hybrid or combo of a GIF and video. In such hybrid, the endpoint animation will basically be connected to the subject of the photo alone.

Quite in deviation from the still image, a Live Photo upload will prompt up a LIVE box at the bottom right of the Facebook window. All you have to do is tap that button so as to transform it to a LIVE photo. On the other way round, should you not tap the button, it is the the still format of the image that will be eventually uploaded.

If you take the default pattern , all you will get to see still photos. Yet, if you see the Live Photos icon, simply proceed to tap and consequently hold the photo to begin the process of the animation.

Although all devices running iOS 9 have the functionality to upload or enjoy Live Photos, only the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are at present boasting the capacity of capturing them. You could download the latest version of Facebook app for iOS via the App Store.

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