How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen TimeStamp

Want to use WhatsApp without getting your ‘Last Seen’ being updated? Follow this tutorial.

hide last seem timestamp

WhatsApp is a nice messenger application. As a matter of fact there are so many things I hated about WhatsApp. People that have your number can easily connect with you even if you don’t know them. If you are added to a group, other members of the group would have access to your number. In short, there is little/no privacy on WhatsApp.

When I wanted to create my WhatsApp account, I had to register with a ‘virgin’ phone number. So whoever I want to chat with, I just add their number to my contact list.

WhatsApp also allows anybody that has your phone number to know the exact time you used the application last by showing the last seen timestamp.

I discovered an application named ‘WhatsApp Hide LastSeen’ on play store. This app disconnects internet connection when you open whatsapp. This makes it difficult for WhatsApp to update your last seen.  Click Here to download WhatsApp Hide LastSeen on your Android device (just 37kb).

After installing WhatsApp Hide LastSeen on your Android device, don’t launch WhatsApp directly. Start this application in order to use whatsapp. Follow the procedures below to use WhatsApp on your Android device without the last seen timestamp.

Before you proceed, check:

How to Stop the Display of Last Seen on WhatsApp

  1. DO NOT LAUNCH WHATSAPP DIRECTLY. Start this application in order to use whatsapp.
  2. Once the application is started, IT WILL DISABLE WIFI/DATA CONNECTION.
  3. Use the “Launch Whatsapp” button from within the application to launch whatsapp.
  4. Read all messages, send replies (they will not be sent immediately).
  5. Now exit whatsapp and exit this application, DATA CONNECTION/WIFI WILL BE SWITCHED ON AUTOMATICALLY( If it was ON at the time of launching app).
  6. Whenever a new message arrives in whatsapp, use this application to launch whatsapp.

Hint: You can also mark the ‘Auto Start Whatsapp next time box’ to make the app start Whatsapp directly with having to click Launch Whatsapp! Button.


Are you now enjoying a bit of privacy on WhatsApp with this app? Share your experience.

This only works on Android devices. If you know any app that does the same work on other device apart from Android, share it with others via the comments section below.

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