How to Install BBM on All Android Version Lower Than 4.0

When BBM was officially released for Android and iPhone last year, it only works on Android version 4.0+. I recently found out the solution to make BBM work on Android version lower than 4.0 on Xdadeveloper, and I’ll share the procedures with you here.


Who told it is not possible to use BBM on the following Android OS: 3.2 Honeycomb, 2.3.3–2.3.7 Gingerbread, 2.2 Froyo and other lower versions? Was it the post on Blackberry official blog or anybody?  Don’t answer them, guys at Xdadeveloper have provided a solution to rock BBM on your Android devices running OS version lower than 4.0, generally classified as unsupported devices.

Before you proceed, you can also check these:

 I will try and make this as simple as possible so that the average ‘Joe’ would be able to get BBM installed on his/her Android device that runs on version lower than the 4.0.

You need to install the following apps on your Android devices.

  1. Titanium Backup
  2. BBM File 1
  3. BBM File 2

After download the Titanium Backup, BBM File 1 and BBM File 2, install Titanium Backup and follow the procedures outlined below for the next point of action.

How to Install BBM on Android Version Lower than 4.0

  • Install BBM File 2, but don’t launch it
  • Extract BBM File 1 and BBM File 2 inside titanium backup folder
  •  When done extracting, open titanium backup and restore BBM Data only
  • After a successfully restoration, you can now launch your installed BBM app and start using it.

Hint: As stated above, don’t launch the BBM File 2 immediately after installation.

Update: BBM Now Runs on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) – Official App

By now, you should start pinging on that Android device of yours. 

One more thing before you leave, since you now know how to install BBM on Android version lower than 4.0, why not make some ‘doe’ installing it for those who don’t know how? It’s left to you.

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