Nigeria’s Heritage Bank Launches Portable POS Solution

The management of one of Nigeria’s emerging commercial banks, Heritage Bank, has launched a portable POS solution, a Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) product which is getting popular in numerous countries of the world.


The Executive director, Manila Banking, Heritage Bank, Niyi Adeseun, said: “The Retail and Corporate Market of Nigeria is experiencing a massive transformation in a battle for digital/Online consumers who purchases and make orders via varieties of channels, and as such experiences a Quicker, Convenient, Faster and Highly Secured integrated payment.”

The solution is based on an application which operates on mobile devices (smart phones, iPhones, java, Symbian, etc.) and the bank stated that this innovation would be given out for free to all their customers.

Various card types: Credit and Debit cards, including MasterCard, VISA and Verve would be accepted on this platform. It has a mobile phone feature with which its operation is similar to that of a regular mobile phone with a long lasting battery; this device can also be synchronized via Bluetooth connection with other devices like phones and printer. It also offers customers three ticketing options –email, SMS and print.

Niyi said “Today, small businesses and large retailers are turning to mobile point of sale (or mPOS) to increase sales and widen their customer base”.

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