WhatsApp Introduces New Message Status with Blue Ticks

WhatsApp Now Notifies You When Your Message is Read and Ignored – Thanks to Blue Ticks


Recently, We shared a post on How to Enjoy the ‘Uncommons’ of WhapsApp, also How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen TimeStamp  and How to Password Protect Your WhatsApp Messenger but today, We are helping you get a glimpse of what the blue ticks indicates on your sent chat messages.

Like many people, you have also made use of this phrase as an excuse “read your message just now” over and over again for not replying immediately back to someone who sent you a message.

This excuse is generally known and tolerable since most apps don’t have the feature that enables senders know if the recipients have read the message already. However, WhatsApp has improved and taken this simple pleasure from its users, because, now senders are able to see when you have read their message and yes, if you just chose to ignore it.

The Blue Double Tick Marks

Recently, Most Users of WhatsApp noticed the new improvement in their chat box with the appearance of the double check marks in color blue, beside their last message sent without the installation/upgrading to a newer version of whatsApp. What do they stand for? In case you’re not yet aware of this new improvement, these two check marks are indicators set to notify you that your message has been read by the recipient. This feature came surprisingly, especially because it was not accompanied by any updates of the app. One minute they weren’t there and within a twinkle of an eye, there it was, users were confused about the meaning at first because these new feature didn’t reflect with all recipient.

WhatsApp’s Explaination

Most of their users were surprised when it was clarified that the blue check marks indicate that a message was read. Many already had thought that the previous double gray check marks in the text bubble meant that their message has been read. But, those check marks only indicate that the message was received by the recipient’s device. The single gray check mark indicates that your message was sent successfully. Now, whenever you send a message in WhatsApp, the message will first have a single check mark representing that it was sent from your device, and then the check mark will be doubled to specify that the message was received, and lastly, the color blue tick marks once it was actually seen by the recipient. Also, You can view the exact time the message was seen and read by holding down the message button and clicking info to view time stamps.

Privacy Issues

This feature was quietly added to WhatsApp without notifying its users which got the company their ire. Users want the opportunity to deactivate this little feature, because some feel like it is an intrusion into their privacy. While WhatsApp is not the first and only chatting/messaging app to have this feature, it is only one of the few that restricts its users from disabling it. WhatsApp is yet to release an update to allow users to deactivate this feature.

Getting Rid of the Blue Check Marks

Basically, this option is only available for Android phone users but it will require more effort to achieve this. If you are a WhatsApp user with an Android device, before you can do this, you will have to download/update to a newer version of Whatsapp from the official website. Unfortunately, this is the only first step to accomplish this and it takes more work to complete the process. I will advise you don’t go through much stress; you can just wait till WhatsApp releases an update that will allow you to turn off this feature.

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