GTB Naira MasterCard Works on Aliexpress.Com

Couple of months ago, some readers of this blog requested for the means to buy goods from I answered them by publishing a post titled the best card to shop online from Nigeria. The name of the card is UBA Africard. I even proceeded to writing about how to get the UBA Africard from any UBA under 1 hour.

GTB Naira MasterCard

Some exclusive readers of this blog posed a question to me regarding GTB Naira MasterCard. They asked whether the card will work on I replied them that I don’t know since I never tried it before. I recommended UBA Africard because I have tried it.

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Some weeks ago I exhausted the cash I loaded on my UBA Africard, so I was forced to try my GTB Naira MasterCard. To my amazement, the card was accepted and I received an email some days later that full shipment has been made for my order.

I can now answer the question I have been replying my exclusive readers with ‘I don’t know if it works’ with ‘it works’.

GTB Naira MasterCard works on Aliexpress. You can now buy cheap and quality stuffs from there.

Securing a GTB Naira MasterCard isn’t something hard. Just work into any GTB nearest to you. Open a savings account. The GTB Naira MasterCard would be link to your savings account.

The reason why I love to use UBA Africard was because it is not link to any account. So in case of any loss, only the money on my card will be lost.

When using your GTB Naira MasterCard, be careful and make sure you only use your card on trusted websites.

Have you tried GTB Naira MasterCard or do have you know of any card issued by any commercial bank that works on Aliexpress? We need your opinion.

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