List of Websites That Accept Nigerian MasterCards and Visa Cards

 Yesterday, I shared a post that GTB Naira MasterCard is allowed on After the publication of the post, some exclusive readers of this blog mailed me and requested for other online outlets that accept Nigerian debit/credit cards worldwide.


Answering the question about online outlets that accept MasterCards and Visa Cards issued by Nigerian commercial banks alone would be a lie.

This question will be answered by all of us, and I will be very grateful for your contribution.

From my personal experience:

1.     GTB Naira MasterCard:

GTB Naira MasterCard

This card is issued-out by GTBank. I have successfully used it on:

  1. – to pay for ads
  2. – to order webhosting packages
  3. – to purchase domain name
  4. – to purchase domain name
  5. – to order for goods online
  6. – to order webhosting packages
  7. – to order webhosting packages
  8. – to order premium mobile site function
  9. – to order for a phone accessory
  10. – to order for books

2.     UBA AfriCard:


This card is issued-out by UBA.  I have successfully used it on the website mentioned above. Here are some other websites I have used it on:

Before you proceed, check: How to Get UBA AfriCard in 1 Hour

  1. – to order for some accessories
  2. –  to order for some toys
  3. – to pay a Freelancer
  4. – to order for some books
  5. – to purchase a virtual US address
  6. – to pay for ads

The two cards listed above have been successfully used on the websites listed above by me. Some other cards I’ve used are Zenith WebSufer and GTB Visa Card. I didn’t list them because I only use them once or twice.

Add yours to the comment and I will add it to this post with your name and website link (if any). Let us all help ourselves.

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