Top 10 Websites to Download Free Fonts

A font is a combination of the properties of a set of characters including typeface, size, pitch and spacing.


One of the most important thing designers, developers and beginner artists always seek for is fonts. Fonts are also useful for non-designers too. By implementing a simple change in font, you can bring a whole new personality to your website/business.

I remembered a website that requested for $150 to purchase a font set, when I was searching for Fonts. But I later found out an abundance of high quality fonts created by generous font designers that are free of charge and readily available for download.

If you search through Google for list of free font providers, you will get millions of results, but most of them aren’t safe. Some of these websites offer pirated fonts and even lace them with malwares. I’m very sure you won’t like viruses with fonts because they are free.

I understand how tedious and time-consuming it could be to get the website that provides perfect fonts.  So, I have selected 10 best and reliable websites to download free fonts for personal and commercial use. You can choose any font for your work from the wide array of fonts available on these websites.

Awesome Free Fonts Websites


 What fonts have you used for web design? Which font website from this list is your favourite? We want to hear your opinion! 

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