Google Play Music will now allow all users enjoy its fresh Release Radio

Some time ago in June, we learnt that Google Play Music was offering New Release Radio for just those who had the Galaxy S8 as an “early access feature. Now that is changing as Google after that brief period of “test” is now extending the service to all. This service works as much as the Release Radar operated by Spotify. This one allows you to stream your customized collection of music.

So long you have been using Google’s Play Music, you will be able to enjoy this feature. The way this service works is that it makes a selection of the tracks from the top albums and singles released in the previous two weeks. Most times, this selection is made from your listening preferences. This selection is thus regularly updated.

You will be able to enjoy this service either as paid subscriber or as a free radio listener. A station of fresh music will be exclusively made for you with the station updating everyday. This way there is always something fresh for your ears. The Release Radar Spotify operates only updates once in seven days.

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