Facebook’s built-in camera will now allow you easily produce your GIFs

In modern digital space, GIFs are finding very extensive use in communication. A lot of us have so seamlessly integrated GIFs into our social media chat while some of us could even wish they could be used alive in a way. This is because of the animated excitement they bring to our chat, allowing much to be communicated so quickly. Social media champions GIFs as we know it. And now Facebook is taking the excitement further.

Facebook’s built in camera will now allow you easily do your GIFs. For quite some time now, Facebook had dedicated creative energy trying to work out the camera in its major app. And now it has gotten it.

It works with out stress allowing you to readily reproduce your GIFs. All you need to do is tap the camera icon which is appearing on the uppermost left of the app. Once you tap on it, you can easily swipe and at once you can begin churning out your GIFs. You can roll in as many frames you want and filters. You can even add some tasty style transfer effects like we have on Prisma. What you have at the end of the day can be easily shared as posts on your Facebook page or as stories.

The only downside to this move is that you can’t export this GIF to any other platform. What it means is that you will only be able to use them as saved videos on Facebook strictly. But at least it is a step forward.

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