Google ‘paid Apple $1bn in 2014 to keep search on iPhone’

Nothing good comes easy of course. We might not really know the extent of cost one incurs to look good; all we care to give the individual is the compliments that he looks good not minding the pains he sustains to keep the compliments coming in.
This certainly is the case of Google and Apple. According to Bloomberg reports, Google had made payment to tech rival Apple in a whooping tone of $1bn in 2014 so as to maintain its position as search function as the default option on iOS devices.

Google Inc is making a hefty payment to Apple Inc to maintain its search bar on the iPhone

Google Inc is making a hefty payment to Apple Inc to maintain its search bar on the iPhone

One big revelation of this deal within the two giant companies was allegedly revealed in a transcript of court proceedings from a copyright lawsuit against Google.

This suspected compromise was ensued in Google paying Apple a fraction of revenue – as much as a revenue percentage of 34% – which was earned through iOS devices.
Both companies have not released official comments on the revelations.

Bloomberg also included the referenced document has erased from the web long ago.
“The transcript vanished without a trace from electronic court records at about 15:00,” the report acknowledged.

The court proceedings in question concern a lawsuit by Oracle Corp. in which the firm made strong claims that Google had employed the services of its Java software to develop Android but decline to make due compensations in payments.

Although Analyst firms, like as Morgan Stanley, have pointed the $1bn figure sometime ago, this will officially be the first incidence that a reference has appeared in court documents.

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