Gmail is now properly functional on iPhone X and available for third-party accounts.

Google has been working hard trying to update all its apps for iPhone X and has at last published an upgrade for Gmail on the mobile phone. When Google commenced experimenting on this feature, there was no certainty that there would be an eventual release of the update.

This upgraded version occupies the entire screen of iPhone X and also makes provision for the iOS app to be able to incorporate third-party email services allowing users to use the Gmail app to access other accounts such as Office365, Apple iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, following what we first saw in a beta test back in October.

Since November 3rd, the iPhone X has been in buyers’ hands. All through that time till now, Google has been making notable upgrades to the phone’s apps that will be suitable for Apple’s 5.8 inches notched display despite the fact that Google has been one of Apple’s biggest competitions.

Some of these apps include; Waze and Google Maps, YouTube, the eponymous Google app, Google Home and Assistant, Google Drive, Docs, Slides and Sheets, Google Photos, and Google Translate. Gmail seemed to be the flagrant exception as it could not be updated at the time. Apparently, it was delayed by the inclusion of the IMAP protocol that was needed to give aid to non-Google e-mail accounts.

Although, nothing much changed, especially as the interface of the app, was not altered. The space around the home pointer usually is a scrollable list, and since Apple encourages app developers to allow for scrollable lists to occupy the space in spite of the pointer. It is very effective when in a portrait mode, same cannot be said of the landscape mode.

Google still has a few apps that have yet to be updated like Authenticator, Inbox, and Play Music, but it has done a lot of work since the iOS flagship was first released.

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