Cortana now has the capacity to access Google Calendar data on Windows 10

Microsoft has officially granted permission to its Cortana digital assistant access to Google Calendar data. A new Gmail connection has been added to Cortana powered by the Microsoft software thus enabling the digital assistant to gain access to Google Calendar data.

Now, if you’re a user of Windows 10 and Gmail is your primary account, this new development provides a stress-free means of gaining access to calendar schedules and activating reminders across numerous calendars.

This new Google Calendar assistance also provides a means to use instructions on Cortana powered speakers like Harman Kardon’s Evoke device to get access to calendar information. Platforms like iOS and Android that have Cortana apps will also have the ability to read and make use of Google Calendar information. Microsoft’s Google Calendar information is at the moment being galvanized into Windows 10 PCs and they can be accessed in the connected accounts panel of the Cortana’s Notebook settings.

Reports from Windows Central show that Cortana hypothetically supports not only Gmail but other services as well some of which are; Google Drive and Google Contact although the commands that will show how these will be managed are not defined.

If Cortana could give suggestions on what commands would be efficient in managing these services, it would certainly be most convenient as it would totally erase the tendency of making random guesses to access a newly added service. However, if you have a Google account and wish to manage your Calendar activities using Cortana, do well to connect your Gmail account to the digital assistant as soon as possible.

To connect your account, click on the Windows 10 search bar, and then traverse to the Cortana Notebook panel on the left. Whilst there, select “Connected Services,” next, you select “Add a Service.” Gmail will be listed along with a host other services. Next, you click on Gmail and then “Connect.”

From thence, you will be stimulated in a separate window to sign into your Gmail account and provide permission for Cortana to manage your email, Google Drive files, contacts, and calendars.

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