Apps can now be preordered in Apple’s app store

Apple has set up a basic but beneficial feature in its app store and that is the quality to be able to preorder apps in the store as well as also download them as soon as they have been released.

A developer is now awarded the privilege to place their app in the store for a period of 90 days ahead of the time that it is actually released instead of broadcasting the app only at the time when it is prepared to be launched.

Now when it is published, clients will be able to place their order for apps they are interested in and later be able to download are when they are ready. The feature is accessible on all the loopings of the app store meaning that; iOS, macOS, as well as tvOS apps can all be offered for preorder!

With this measure in place, developers can offer both free and paid orders in the store. If there ever is a variation in price, consumers will be charged whichever is lower a cost in between the preorder price or the price at launch. The charge will only be given after the app has been downloaded.

Even though it won’t be successful for every app, there are quite a large number of apps that do get a pronouncement in advance especially games. Suppose a developer is apt to drawing attention to a new app, it would be suiting to customers if they are pointed to the right direction where they can get it, giving them a means to buy it on time so they don’t forget.

Google had offered a similar kind of feature in previous years, allowing consumers to pre-register before an app can be released. The feature only acquaints customers with information on the app’s release; although, it doesn’t allow them to remain locked at a preorder price and later cause the app to automatically download.

However, this is a simple feature to both shoppers and developers and its sort of baffling that it took Apple 10 years to create it.

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