Firefox’s latest experiment recommends stories on the basis of your browsing history

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Mozilla Firefox is launching a new experimental browser extension known as Advance and what this extension does is to recommend new websites and articles on the basis of what the user is currently reading and the current browsing history of the user.

Advance is designed in two classifications. One is a “Read Next” category that recommends articles that are related to the current tab you’re on and the other category is a “For You” section and this uses your recent history to populate its recommendations. As a sample, Mozilla Firefox stated that when browsing, a user should say, a list of popular restaurants, and Advance will recommend various other eateries that are alike and by that, make it easier for you to compare them.

Each and every recommendation is unique to a specific user. The Advance extension is not like the sponsored Pocket integration of the company that shows a combination of paid ads and regular recommended articles. It’s not entirely ludicrous to assume that Mozilla Firefox could use Advance as a source of revenue of the same nature in the future if the extension proves successful.

The Advance extension is powered by a machine learning startup known as Laserlike that deals specifically in recommendations. In a bid to ensure security, users will gain full control of the running of Advance, have the ability to see the browser history that Laserlike has received, and even make a request to have any information deleted as long as they don’t want it.

Advance is one of the company’s Test Pilot program which is used to test new features for users who intend to try them out before they will be released to the app itself. Users that are interested in the feature can sign up and have it installed. The link is

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