Facebook launches the Live tab on the Android app

As social networks rear up against each other, batting hard to loot each other of users -video has turned such indispensable ammunition hence almost every social network in striving hard to have enough rounds of this ammunition in their armory.

Facebook launches the Live tab on the Android app

Though it seems to have taken weeks or even a month, at last we now have the the Live tab on Facebook now available for Android app users.

Some time ago in April, the social network made the announcement that more emphasis was going to be placed on video for the company, with users being provided with distinct page dedicated strictly to helping them find live streams.

Android users have started seeing the Live tab in the centre of the screen, which appears to push out the Messenger from its spot.

So when you click on the Live option, it generates the function of a scrolling stream of video.

Anyone who has his eyes on the feed can then react as well as making comments in real time.Just in line with the customary Facebook comments, viewers can make selection of Wow, Love, Haha, Sad or Angry after which the reaction would now animate onto the stream.

“We’ve seen that on average people watch a live video more than three times longer when it is live compared to when it is not live,” says Facebook.

Live video feeds will be separated into categories, ranging across subjects which could include funny, food, world news, as well as even politics, which users can then add according to their sense of taste.

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