Big brains in a small body: 10-year-old receives Facebook reward of $10,000 for finding Instagram security flaw

Sometimes I wonder if born geniuses really exist. Were some people created on the sabbath day when the creator had all the time all on His hands? While some or us struggle to think centimeters outside the box, some of us very conveniently think kilometers outside the box.

Big brains in a small body: 10-year-old receives Facebook reward of $10,000 for finding Instagram security flaw

For some of us, however young, our brains are already pensioners- out of duty. So it is really awe-inspiring when you see a kid reach feats that make us rush to their birth certificates. Feats that makes us suspect that they must have white hairs beneath their scalp; feats that would make a Nigerian parent answer their kid’s first name as surname!

Such was the case of the amazing 10 year old Jani who made a distinct impression on Mark Zuckerberg by hacking Instagram, which is the famous the photo-sharing application owned by Facebook. This kid is just 10; even not legally permitted to have a Facebook account yet. The Helsinki-based boy genius, named Jani, was promptly rewarded in $10,000 from Facebook for helping the giant social media company detect a security bug.

Jani made the discovery of the flaw which allows him the premise of deleting any written content on the social media platform when he makes an alteration to the code. “I would have been able to eliminate anyone, even Justin Bieber,” the wonderkind said.

The amazing Jani who aspires to be a security expert, had sent his little epiphany to Facebook through means of email. He subsequently made verification to his report by making a deletion of a comment the company had posted on a test account. Courtesy of his discovery, Facebook fixed the bug by February ending.


Jani houses the intention to make judicious use of this award in buying a new bike, football gear, as well as fresh computers for his brothers. To become the youngest person to have earned a Facebook’s bug bounty, he displaced a 13-year who was the incumbent champion as to age.

Jani brains must be smoking hot. I just wish could get my pot on his head and boil two cups of beans!

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