Important Things To Do After Setting Up A New Blog

The rate at which the blogosphere is increasing is now high and most of these bloggers seems not to be successful since they fail to do the things that new bloggers ought to do to become known by human and search engines.


To start a blog is not difficult at all, but where the work lies is getting a wide reader base and this is the primary aim of all bloggers. As a blogger, here are the 4 basic things you need to do after setting up your new blog to increase your blog awareness.

1. Set up Valid Feeds for your Blog

If you want to keep your readers connected to your blog i.e. to get your latest post, you need Feeds. Readers that subscribed to your feeds will get your contents in their mail box and that will keep them connected to your blog always. I recommend you set up your blog feeds with FeedBurner because of its simplicity, however, you can choose the one you like to go for.

2. Sign Up and Submit your Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

After setting up your new blog, you need to submit it to Google webmaster tools because it’s the easiest way to get your blog indexed in Google’s Search Engine. According to Bloggers, “if you are not on Google, you’re almost invisible to the world”. This saying is right in order to make your blog to be visible to search engines, submit it to Google Webmaster Tools today. Read – How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and How to Submit Blog to Yahoo and Bing Search Engines.

3. Create a Social Network Presence for your Blog

You can make your blog visible to the world through social networks. Social media is a good SEO practice since Google and other search engines take your Social Media existence into account and it is among the factors they use in ranking your website/blog. Try to always share your blog content on Social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. You can also create a dedicated page for your blog on Facebook or Google +. Read – How to Auto Publish Blog Posts on Facebook Timeline.

4. Update you Blog Frequently

Make it an endeavor to always post on your blog frequently. As a new blogger try to always make a post daily and maintain it. The fact remains that search engine crawlers love to see new content on your blog every time your blog is visited, so if you leave your blog ‘lonely’ for months without new updates, crawling bots will not pleased likewise your readers.

As an experienced blogger, if you have new tip(s) for new bloggers to make their blog visible, don’t hesitate to assist them by sharing it via the comment box below.

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