Tips to Get More Likes and Comments on Facebook

Facebook remains the most popular social network site around the globe. As a Facebook user, we all love to have our updates such as posts, photos, videos, notes and others to be liked and commented on by friends.


Users may be disappointed when friends don’t comment and like their updates despite the huge number of friends they have. But the fact remains that, poor engagement with friends/fans makes updates quite “lonely”. Today, I will share how you can improve your social engagement to get more likes and comments on your Facebook Updates.

Steps to Get Garner More Likes and Comments on Facebook Updates

1. Always Post in the Morning and Evening

Studies have shown that contents posted in the morning and evening receives more like and comments since that is the time most people check their Facebook Account. You don’t need to be told that contents posted in the middle of the night might not be seen by friends when they check their account in the morning since the content would have been push down by other posts newsfeed.

2. Post Photos

Photos typically get more likes, comments and shares than posts with text, video or links. Try to post photos, since it tends to be more interesting. Remember the saying that goes thus: “A picture says a thousand words”.

3. Comment on other people statuses

Commenting on friends’ statuses is a good way to get noticed by friends. The people that you commented on their statuses will check your own wall/timeline as well and state their own view on your updates.

4. Demand like from friends’

It’s good to ask friends for like after posting a status or photo. For instance, you can add “Like my photo if you think I rock” to a photo.

5. Tease or Challenge

Don’t you think you are likely to reply to a friend who posted “I did 10km in 32 minutes, can you?” No one likes to be challenged, so say something to taunt them!

Here are just the 5 simple ways you can use to get more likes and comment on your Facebook updates. Friends may unfriend you if you overdo you your postings, taunts, challenges and questions. Try to be moderate with it.

If you’ve used any method that has worked for you, don’t hesitate to use the comment box to share it with others.

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