How to delete All Facebook messages With One Click

Deleting Facebook Messages and Chat history is time consuming and most of the time user’s with many messages in their inbox finds it difficult to remove the messages easily. It is annoying to see chat log that was not responded to in our inbox and there is nothing one can use to stop this since Facebook made it like that.

I want to tell you that you can easily delete all your Facebook messages with a click of a mouse with the help of a Chrome extension. This extension will create a delete all button next to the archive button in your messages so that you would be able delete all your Facebook logs quickly and easily.

Steps to Delete All Facebook Messages at Once

1. Go and add the extension useful for deleting all Facebook messages from HERE to Chrome. You will be required to confirm the installation of the extension, click on “Add” button to confirm.

2. Now login to your Facebook account, click on messages to see the new Delete All button on the top which will enable you to delete all the conversation at once.

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