Enable SMS Notifications on Suspicious Google Login Activity

Google has so many wonderful products and services which majority of internet users participates therein. Google products and services are numerous. Some of their products and services include searching the internet, email, backing up of data, social media, website/blog monetization, advertising, Android and et al. To use any Google product or services, a Gmail account would be required as a source of ID.

Google Security: SMS Alerts

What will happen to all the accounts you’ve created under your Gmail account, if peradventure your Gmail account get hacked? The outcome could be disastrous, as your access to the files you’ve backed up on Google, you email inbox and other Google products or services you’ve opted for would have been blocked.

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In recent time, Google as allowed it users to get notifications via email in case there’s a suspicious login attempt on their account or their account password was changed. Although this might be good for some users, but it will be unfortunate if the email address is the Google account email hacked, as the email won’t be accessible anymore if it password has been changed by the perpetrator. Luckily, a new solution is now available. You can now set up a phone alert to get notified via SMS whenever any suspicious activity is noted on your account.

To activate the feature of receiving SMS whenever any suspicious activity is noted on your account, simply go to your Account Security Page at https://www.google.com/settings/security. Add your mobile phone number. Google will send a one-time verification code on the phone number you’ve provided. To complete the process, enable phone notifications by checking the two notification boxes, although both boxes are checked by default (as seen in the image below).

Google Security: SMS Notifications

Conclusively, it is important you have the most important security settings enabled for your Google account, i.e. the two-step verification. Though this has been made available by Google for some time now, it’s just a way by which Google link your account to the phone number you used to authorize login attempts. So whenever your account encounters any form of suspicious activity, Google will send a random code to your phone number which you will be requested to provide upon login.

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