How to Use Google to Solve Simple & Complicated Mathematics

I’m a very lazy students, I love doing things easily without undergoing unnecessary stress. My co-friends called me smart, because I take the easy route most time and come out excellently.

Solve Simple and Complicated Mathematics using Google

Google is my good friend, and the secret of my smartness. For every student to have outstanding results, Google must not be left out since it can direct you to many resources that will help you succeed. Apart from the fact that Google helps to garner the best resources for success, it also possess an inbuilt capabilities that can help with simple and complicated mathematical problems without much ado. It remembered some years back when I was still in high school, my teacher asked us to solve for 50!, I immediately typed it on Google and it brought out the result instantly without using calculator. Click here to verify.

Today, I want to explain how you can easily use your browser and Google to solve for simple and complicated mathematical problems without much ado using Google’s built-in calculator function.

1. Basic Arithmetic

To easily compute mathematical expressions that contains symbols, the following table lists operators that come between the two numbers on which they operate, e.g., to multiply 5 times 6, use 5 * 6.

+Addition20.99 + 50.50 + 17.25 ]
Subtraction99 – 28 – 39 ]
*Multiplication2 * 3 * 4 ]
/Division378 / 9 ]
^ or **Exponentiation (raise to a power of)4^10 ]
or [ 4**10 ]
% ofPercent15% of 93.45 ]
mod or %modulo (the remainder after
15 mod 9 ]
or [ 15 % 9 ]
the nth
root of
calculates the nth
4th root of 16 ];
cube root of 109 ];
square root of 42 ] or
sqrt(42) ]

2. Advanced Math

To easily compute mathematical problems involving constants such as: e, pi, i (the square root of –1), and mathematical functions. The following table lists some of the functions built into Google’s calculator.

sin, cos, tan, sec, csc, cot, etc.Trigonometric functions (arguments
are assumed to be in radians)
cos(pi/6) ]; [ cosine(pi/6) ]
arcsin, arccos, arctan, arccsc,
Inverse trigonometric functionsarccos(.5) ]
sinh, cosh, tanh, csch, arsinh,
arccsch, etc.
Hyperbolic functionscosh(6) ]
lnLogarithm base eln(16) ]
logLogarithm base 10log(16) ]
lgLogarithm base 2lg(16) ]
expExponential functionexp(16) ]
!Factorial5! ]
choosex choose y calculates the number of
ways of choosing a set of y elements from a set of x distinct elements
5 choose 3 ]

Before your proceed, check:

The following table lists just a few of the commonly used mathematical constants known to the calculator function.

Name and descriptionExample
base of the natural system of
e ]
pi, the ratio of the circumference
to the diameter of a circle
pi/6 ]
imaginary number, i, which
represents one of the two square roots of -1
i^2 ]
Euler’s constant, gammae^gamma ]

Hope you enjoyed it? You can also share the ones you know via the comment box below.

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