ClickBank Alternatives: Proven Ways Nigerians Can Sell Information Products To Anyone Online

If you are Nigerian trying to legally make money online by selling information products of any kind then this article will interest you. Now ,I am sure you have had issues with merchants and web services that don’t allow us Nigerian to be registered.


You know, like Clickbank and others.

Even with this , some people have devised other ways to get registered …but when it comes to getting paid, they the main problem surfaces.

You see, most of these programs require PayPal (and other form of payments services) that don’t accept Nigerians) as a means of making payment.

So even if a Nigerian registers , getting paid is another great problem… but after today . No more.

This article will reveal two sure ways to sell information products right here from Nigeria without any need for PayPal or other issue. You can get paid via checks.

Here we go.

1. Amazon kindle

Amazon has a service where any information products can be sold to people from anywhere and from anyone in the world.

If you register at , you will be able to sell your information products right here from Nigeria without paying a dime for registration or anything like that.

2. Creatspace

Amazon also has another information product market for all kind of information products. On you can sell audio products, DVDs, hard copy books and others.

It is used by authors , musicians , writers and others to sell their digital works.

They accept Nigerians and you don’t have to pay a dime for registration.

With these 2 services you can sell any kind of information product to anyone in the world right here from Nigeria.

Other Advantages

Registering with these services will give you what I call “the Amazon advantage”.

What does this mean?

You see, Amazon is a reliable brand that is known worldwide. So when you sell stuff using their services you are piggy bagging on their credibility and brand.

Your product will almost have instant credibility and people will not have fears of getting scammed . They believe in Amazon and will buy from them without hesitation.

This rubs off positively on your products.

But this does not mean your product should be of low quality . Strive to create high quality products to be sold on any of these services and you will be glad you did.


If you have any book idea, information product, novel, music or other kind of digital product and you don’t know where and how to sell them because major or popular market places/ services don’t accept Nigerians , then register with these 2 services immediately and start selling.

They accept us.

Thank you.

Mk Akan is a blogger and information marketer who blogs at .He has a free e-book course that reveals the mistakes you should avoid if you are just starting new online, click here to get it.

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