China is forcing internet companies to end online anonymity

In our age today, Internet anonymity is a big deal. Many people prefer to hide their identity so as to safely carry out their online activities with no interruption or fear of someone snooping into their browsing privacy. VPN is a hotcake among Naija boys and is greatly adored as well as deployed.


But over the years, governments across the world have been showing growing apathy to VPN usage in browsing. Many regimes have been clamping down on anonymous surfing by means of firewalls and Internet censorship.

Now China is taking the restrictions further. With the new rules in place, if you want to make comments online, you will have to register with your real name. You can use pseudonyms though but they must all be tied with you real which is registered with the government. This means while on various platforms, you can use different identities, all these multiple identities would be tied to your real identity which is completely accessible to the government.

Such moves come in China as the Asian powerhouse gears up for the 19th National Congress of the communist national party. Hence the regime is trying to press hardly and monitor flow of information on the especially influences from the outside world which threatens the communist and restrictive stronghold of the government.

What do you think, would such anti-VPN moves work well in Nigeria especially in face of the Internet fraud riddling our international identity.

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